How to disable animation repeat "forever"


i just wanna run animation once.

i wanna know how to disable animation “forever”, please.

repeat1 ==> repeat2

Hi @bla1608132171,
There is no way to set an animation runs once forever but at least once in a day. There could be few ways to accomplish this in GWS. For example, set repeat On-next-hour and use tag expression for a specific time in the opacity like ([H]==1)([m]==1)([s]==23)*100. Also, you can manipulate(show/hide) your animation for a certain time using the timeline.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Azad. I am wondering if there’s a way to assure a 15 frame animation will always start with the very first frame consistently. I have a 15 frame animation set to run forever, and use tag expressions to make it visible for one second each minute, for example, when [s]==24. This mostly works, but is inconsistent, as sometimes the 15th frame leads when the tag expressions says to make the opacity 100%. And whenever the 15th frame leads then the effect is ruined. Any pointers appreciated.

Hi @dlo1579881831,
I have checked and found that manipulation of the timeline performs better than tag expression in this regard. See the steps below,

  1. Hide the full timeline for the animation.
  2. Show seconds block 0 and 3 in the timeline (just an example).
  3. Select 0 to 3 in the timeline and make it as a loop. (Animation will be visible at every 1st and 4th seconds each minute).

Now try it. Though sometimes the animation ends with the first frame, it will always start with the first frame.

Hope this helps.

Ah, Timeline is something I hadn’t considered. How do I get the timeline to show other than 24 items? I am thinking I’d need 60 second slots to either show or hide an animation.

Hi, to zoom in the time line to seconds click the scale option in the bottom right corner.

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Thanks, Peter. This opens up a whole new aspect to GWS. When I test with an 11 frame animation, to play on the timeline for 2 seconds, 5 times a minute, the timeline works when I drag the staff across the timeline, but the emulator and real watch have the animation playing on all seconds. The Opacity tag expressions were removed, and the value was hard set at 45%. How do I get the animation to serially show and not show, using the timeline?

Update: I see I had the animation set for ‘Forever’ and when I change it to 'On Next Minute" the animation does not continuously play in the emulator. I’m thinking this feature involves a complex process and needs looping as well, as Azad had mentioned.

Update: So when I add a loop to seconds 0 through 3, the 11 frame animation plays for 11 frames and freezes on the screen, until the 0 seconds comes again to play the loop. How do I hide the animation when I don’t want it to play? Once Looping is created, it fills the whole timeline, and I can’t figure out how to hide the stopped animation, and then how to restart the loop, say at the 11 to 13 seconds.

I am not sure, I did not play much with animations, since I do not like too busy watch faces. All I like to visibly move is second hand.
To use loop to show and hide in cycles, you have to select whole period (the full and blank spots) and let them loop.
I guess the loop cant work well if you stretch it over some odd number of seconds that does not divide minute in whole number.

Hi @dlo1579881831, if you want the animation to run at different seconds in a minute, set manually show/hide in the timeline for that minute and then make a loop. The animation will run at those seconds every minute for the rest of the timeline. If you don’t want every minute to be the same then you can’t use the loop. You have to set hide/show manually for the whole timeline which is implausible for us. Therefore, I would recommend you to decide your first iteration period(e.g. a few seconds or minute) of the animation then recur it for the rest of the timeline using the loop. Just follow the previous comment from Peter.


I thought I got it to work, but can’t figure out how the timeline hide/show and looping really work with the other settings, such as Repeat Every.