How To Mask A Gradient image png correctly WFS 1.3.13

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I am trying to mask a gradient image on time in a watchface. when i see it in watchface studio it displays correctly BUT when i run it on watch the images dont get masked. Can some one please throw some light at what i am doing wrong please.

digital Basic x_1688443612491

when i check and look in the watchface studio it looks like this .


When i run on watch 5 pro it looks like this.

This is how i have done it also used 12/24 time line to show 12 or 24h when selected .

Thanks in advance

Hi try not to use 12/24 timeline but the tags.

For 12h … 100-100*[IS_24H]
For 24h…0+100*[IS_24H]

The opacity must be set to 0.

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Test (481.3 KB)


I am sorry for late reply dearest friend :slight_smile:

Couldn’t get time to test it. Today i opened WFS and used the tags instead of timeline and no more problems . i really appreciate your help . Thanks :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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