How to re-launch/auto-launch application from background properly

Hi Samsung Developers,

I have found an edge case problem that my application crashed and maybe TizenOS killed the application.
Normally TizenOS re-launch the application automatically but in this case, I have found that it doesn’t automatically launch app from Launcher URL after crash → then turn on the device.
video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

My application has two applications including web UI and javascript Service, which I have found that Multitasking | Samsung Developers tizen.application.launch(...); it is possible to launch application from background service whenever I detected that UI application is killed such like the above video.

The problem is after launching the application from tizen.application.launch the normal behavior that after turning on the TV it should open my application by default is gone.

Could you please help or any advice?

Device Information:
Model: QM43R
Type No: LH43QMRE
Software version: T-KTM2ELAKUC-2040.1, 2040
SN: 088DHNDMA00001R
Tizen: 4.0, SSSP6

Hi Kenn,

For Signage support you should contact the support in the new Signage portal. It is not part of Smart TV any longer. If you tried that and didn’t have any luck please let us know one of our team knows someone in the Signage team now.

Samsung Developer Relations