How to set accessToken expired time

I even developed access token creation by looking at the guide below

Could you tell me how the expired time of access token is set?
Is it created the same as the expired time of the JWT I created?

Here is what I heard from the store ops team…

I don’t think the access token you create has a defined expiration time at least that I’m aware of, one I created years ago when this product first rolled out hasn’t expired yet.

It’s created using an HTTP POST request using the JWT that’s created, an example is given here: Create an Access Token | Samsung Developers

I hope this helps

Samsung Developer Relations

Is there no expiration time for token?..

I’m waiting for Ops team

The access token doesn’t have any specific expired time like the JWT web token. Like Ron, I am also using an access token nearly two years.

Thank you for answer :slight_smile: