How to set developer mode for q70r 2019 model

i cant get my q70r to use developer mode. when i follow the instructions go to apps it douse not ask for a code to change into developer mode. it gose directly to apps. what do i do to fix this? or is thair a new way to enter developer mode on the newer Smart TV’s.

If you are following these enable Developer Mode instructions here, I saw two possible remedies for this

First was to unplug your TV for a minute to reset the TV and it worked after that

Another Was

I entered the 12345 inside the Apps panel in the “my apps” area.
After entering the last “5” (with the new Samsung remote) I immediately pressed the green “ready” hook. I think this was the reason that the popup did not appear.

After messing with it for a while i found out how to salve the problem. First you need a USB keyboard. then after going to apps in smart hub you need to type 12345 2 times on the keyboard. then the window for developer mode opens.

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