How to set developer mode for UN50TU7020G software version 1420

I followed all the procedures pointed out in the post How to set developer mode for q70r 2019 model and in the https: // developer documentation., but nothing works, including the colors of the screens are different from the one presented in the documentation, how can I proceed?

I don’t have a Samsung Chromebook, but a full powerwash usually fixes everything that I manage to screw up. Try exiting developer mode and starting over after updating.

My first option was this. I have already done this and the same problem continues.

The solution in the thread you quoted was to use a USB keyboard with your TV did you try that? I saw that with another TV version with a newer remote.

Samsung Developer Team

I didn’t test it, I did it just for the control [123], on my old television it worked, I’ll test this solution and return. Thank you for now!