How to turn screen on/off and restart web app on crash


I’m implementing an app for Tizen TV that would play some videos and image content. I started with Web Application and everything seems to work okish (the content playback) but I’m bit struggling with these features:

1. Turning the screen off and on

I found this Power States | Tizen Docs but apparently the power api does not work for TV (but only for Wearables and Mobile). So I explored a bit more and found that this can be done from the Native API Tizen Native API: Power.

  • Will this work or do I need some special privileges (partner/platform permissions?).
  • Why is it not supported directly from Web Applications if it still can be done via the Native API? It feels like it forces me to use the Native API without any good reason.

2. Restart the app on crash

Is there some way, how to restart the Web Application in case that it crashes (or basically when the app is not “visible” and the user did not interact with it?).

My plan is to try to do this using a hybrid application (Web + Native Service),.

Thank you for any suggestions and tips,


Please ask this question in the Smart TV seller office FAQ and Q&A page try to find the one most close to your issue there are many.

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