I have a question about Android ContentObserver operation

I’m using it to detect a user’s capture by pressing the hardware key.

The function does not work on Galaxy S20 only (onChange is not called)

All the other devices work, but what’s wrong with him?

Capture related to log is as follows.

E/[ScrCap]_RemoteScrollCaptureInterface (18018): isPackageAvailable : not available. e=android.content.pm.PackageManager$NameNotFoundException: com.samsung co., ltd.android.app.scrollcapture

D/[SmartCapture]_SmartCaptureUtils (18080): isNavigationBarMovable Exception: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: android.view.IWindowManager$Stub$Proxy.isNavBarCan Move]

E/[SmartCapture]_ScrollCaptureUtils (18080): isPackageAvailable : com.samsung co., ltd.android.service.tagService is not available. e=android.content.pmPackageManager$NameNotFoundException: com.samsung co., ltd.android.service.tagservice

Is there a special issue in Galaxy S20?

Would you please submit a request below with a details log, sample code?


Thank you