Intermittent Payment UI Display Issue with Samsung IAP 6.1

Dear Samsung Developer Community,

I am experiencing an intermittent issue while attempting in-app purchases using the Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) SDK version 6.1 in my application.

Occasionally, when a purchase is initiated, the screen slightly dims and an “Authentication” message appears briefly. However, the payment method selection window doesn’t subsequently appear as expected. Instead, the screen remains dimmed until it is interacted with. Following an interaction, the startPayment method doesn’t report any errors but returns the response “IC1/PaymentMethodListActivity/package.myapp [Mode: Test]”.

This issue is not consistent and doesn’t occur in other projects where I use the same Samsung IAP version. I have ensured that there are no errors in the code and that the Samsung IAP has been correctly implemented and initialized.

I would appreciate any insights or assistance in resolving this issue. Thank you for your time and support.


Can you take a device log around when he sees the error? Also a video showing it would be helpful
Then Open a Developer Support Request on it.

To get a log…

  1. Recreate issue
  2. Dial *#9900#
  3. Run dumpstate/logcat
  4. Copy to sdcard(include CP Ramdump)
  5. Find log file in “log” folder of internal storage and share


Samsung Developer Relations