Is TAU (Tizen Advanced UI Framework ) recommended to use?

The Doc says that TAU library is deprecated in 2.3 and deleted in 2.4 .
is it still recommended to use it?.

I want to navigate between screen like from screen A to B, B to C but I found only solution TAU for it and while reading doc it is deprecated. is there any other way to move between screen in tizen web app or I have to use TAU for it.

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A newer version of TAU
The previous name of TAU was ‘tizen-web-ui-fw’ and that is deprecated. Please check the Note again.


TAU (Tizen Advanced UI) is the new name of the tizen-web-ui-fw . In all documents and source code, TAU is used instead of tizen-web-ui-fw .
Since 2.3, tizen-web-ui-fw has been deprecated (including tizen-web-ui-fw.js , tizen-web-ui-fw-libs.js , and tizen-web-ui-fw.css ). Since 2.4, tizen-web-ui-fw is fully deleted and not supported anymore.

TAU is recommended to use for the Tizen Web application.

Thank you.

why not use angular or react to develop your web app?
the navigation of screens is just a router.navigate thing just make sure to use a hash strategy.

It is recommended but not necessary. Still, you may want to consider modifying tau.js to suit your needs rather than deleting it. The same goes for tau.css

I don’t use tau anymore. However, it very simplified job when you are new with Tizen web but later on you can use custom solution to manage pages or popups. Tau is not necessary to develop web apps for Tizen but very helpful.