Is TAU (Tizen Advanced UI Framework ) recommended to use?

The Doc says that TAU library is deprecated in 2.3 and deleted in 2.4 .
is it still recommended to use it?.

I want to navigate between screen like from screen A to B, B to C but I found only solution TAU for it and while reading doc it is deprecated. is there any other way to move between screen in tizen web app or I have to use TAU for it.

A newer version of TAU
The previous name of TAU was ‘tizen-web-ui-fw’ and that is deprecated. Please check the Note again.


TAU (Tizen Advanced UI) is the new name of the tizen-web-ui-fw . In all documents and source code, TAU is used instead of tizen-web-ui-fw .
Since 2.3, tizen-web-ui-fw has been deprecated (including tizen-web-ui-fw.js , tizen-web-ui-fw-libs.js , and tizen-web-ui-fw.css ). Since 2.4, tizen-web-ui-fw is fully deleted and not supported anymore.

TAU is recommended to use for the Tizen Web application.

Thank you.