Is the Galaxy accessory Service Deprecated?


I’m creating an android application that uses SAP to communicate with the Smartwatch and exchange messages. I tried to use it on a Note 10+ with android 11 installed, connected with a GW Active 2 and I get this error on the debugger:

“Service Registration has failed! Is the Samsung Accessory Service Framework installed?!”

The Samsung accessory service (v. is installed on the phone but when I try to check on the play store it says that this application is no longer available for your device.

Other devices work well, both Samsung and non Samsung with android 10, so there’s no problem on the app that I created.


I think this is an issue caused by this recent change in Android 11:

Can you try adding these tags to your AndroidManifest.xml?
<queries> <package android:name=""/> </queries>

Samsung Developers

Thank you very much Christian! That did the trick