Is the S pen regressing?

I am a designer, an interior architect and still not willing to give up hope with the s pen. The only reason I am loyal and a hard advocate of the Note.
(Haven’t switched to the 10plus yet because of the earphone jack removal)
Anyway, I also use an ipad pro. With its ipencil.

Today I pulled a drawing out from my email, and wanted to annotate and make some sketches via screenwrite to send to my visulaizer, and realized that the s pen has absolutely no aesthetic capabilities anymore. Not only has that cool curved option display straightened out now, but there are no line weights, opacity, color wheel, it’s a down right insult and zero pleasure to use now.
I want a software update for the spen on the note 9 which still millions of people are using, and I want it to be awesome. I may switch my phone to a basic apple if my stylus needs are not met.

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