Lack of incall audio in GSI (Galaxy A11)

Hello! I have Galaxy SM-A115F (on SDM450) and I’ve built Android kernel from source. Now I’m trying to get fully working Android on my phone (something different from stock firmware, because I have no sources of it). Phh-Treble and LineageOS both boot, but there’s no in-call audio (people don’t hear me and I don’t hear them). I suspect thats because of some Qualcomm binaries or libraries, but I’ve no idea why. Vendor partition remains untouched.

Is this issue reproduceable in non-Samsung devices like Pixel? Have you checked the issue in any other Samsung devices other than SM-A115F? If so, please share your status.

A similar problem on the device SM-M115F (Galaxy M11)

No, this issue is specific for Samsung devices with Android 10 or 11 stock firmware (A11, M11, A02s, etc.)