Logic behind the app icon next to the address bar


What is the logic for displaying the app icon next to the address bar?

I saw Samsung Internet has access to all the packages, so I guess it tries to match any package id with the provided URL, but I couldn’t reproduce the scenario myself.

Or maybe it could be a deeplink provided in the AndroidManifest?

Thanks for your help

Hello maximeforsign,

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The icon displayed is for running an application that consumes the URL. If there is no application installed on your device that consumes the URL, it is not displayed. For example, if you visit youtube.com you will find an icon of YouTube displayed as long as you have the app installed on your device. You can find the supported web addresses of an application by navigating to App info > Set as default > Supported web addresses.

Additionally, you have to turn off the “Open links in other apps” in Samsung Internet’s settings. You can find it by navigating to Settings > Useful features > Open links in other apps.

If you have any other queries, let us know!

Samiul Hossain
Samsung Developer Relations

Hello Samiul.
Mystery solved, I can add my app URL to the AndroidManifest.

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I’m glad to be of help! :smiley: