Looped download page

When trying to download GWS / GWD the page goes in a continuous loop and does not let you download.

tested on:

Device: Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro
Browser: Chrome 85.0.4183.81

Device: Asus Transformer Flip Book
Browser: Chrome 85.0.4183.83
Browser: Microsoft Edge 85.0.564.44
Browser: Internet Explorer 11.450.1941.0

Is it still a problem? I tried it right now and it worked
Noname custom PC win10_64
Firefox 80.0.1 (64-bit)
MS Edge

unfortunately the problem still remains

HI YA_Soft,

It sounds like an issue with a cached internet file. That is the only thing I can think of that would affect more than one computer and more than one Browser .

Go to the GWS home page, sign in, Then hold down the control key and do a refresh.

If that still loops in chrome Ctrl + Shift + I to open Developer tools click on the reload with the right button and select Empty Cache and Reload

Hopefully that clears it up

If it doesn’t clear up this weekend create a message and send it to me.
This was something that happened years ago but I thought it was fixed.

Samsung Developer Program

Hi Rom, I followed the advice you gave me and it did not work, but I think it is a cookie problem, I tried to do everything from the beginning with the developer window open to see if it signaled any error and this is what I found …

now I tried to cancel the cookies and everything works as before…