"Manual Zoom" breaks position: sticky

Copying this from the old SamsungInternet/ support page. Would be nice if Samsung at least acknowledged the issue!

I have a site that is designed as a web app. It uses position:sticky to keep some UI elements attached to the left and top of the screen while other elements are allowed to scroll. (see https://www.tvtv.us/ca/beverly-hills/90210/lu59225D )

The site uses this viewport since everything is designed for mobile:
width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, shrink-to-fit=no, user-scalable=no

Unfortunately, “Manual Zoom” totally breaks the site because the sticky elements don’t stick to the edges of the screen. With Manual Zoom turned off, everything works as expected.

It seems to me that Manual Zoom is an accessibility feature and should be OFF by default. As it stands, position:sticky is useless at the page level and users are confused.

Other browser implementations vary but either work correctly or at least avoid confusing behavior unless the user explicitly requests it:
Opera: Same as Samsung Internet, except Manual Zoom is OFF by default
Firefox: Sticky elements still stick to the edge of the screen- correct behavior I think. Manual Zoom is OFF by default
Chrome: No manual zoom, just respects the viewport setting.

Finally, I can’t find any work around that allows my site to work properly on Samsung Internet without the user turning off Manual Zoom, which of course, nobody figures out they need to do.



Thank you for reopening the issue. We are aware of this and we’re working on it.
We’ve also triggered the discussion with the engineering team, we’ll keep this thread updated.


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Hi Kevin,

are there any updates on this issue? We are experiencing this issue in our progressive web app which we are planning on rolling out in about one month. We are currently evaluating wether we have to find some workarounds for this issue as it heavily influences the user-experience (unfortunately in a bad way) .

Use-Case: We have a map that the user can move and zoom with his fingers. However our zoom gesture (pinch-zoom) is broken since the Samsung Browser ignores the no-scalable option and therefore applies the native browser zoom. This breaks the whole UI/UX for our app.

This also causes scroll issues with our PWA, please provide a solution or a workaround, As mentioned by other people in these two issues “Manual Zoom” should be disabled by default.

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Since this has been logged as an issue for at least 3 years, my assumption is that Samsung just don’t care. We are now actively telling our visitors to avoid Samsung Internet and use any other browser that follows standards.

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Hi - We’re sorry you feel that way. To be clear: we do respect and follow standards - indeed, we are also participating in the creation of these standards in many cases. We’re working to make this change and the feedback we’ve received here helps us to allocate the resources to be able to do this. However I don’t have a time-frame right now.