Max Version Number

Hi friends
I accidentally used the highest version number (10999999) on my last update.
It is rejected. I can not generate an update because WFS does not allow a higher version number than 10999999. How can I fix this issue?

I send many emails to Google Play support. Nothing answered.

I changed .aab file name to .zip and open via Winzipp.
I changed the version number code at .xml files.
I rechanged the file name to .aab. Upload to Google Play but it is not accepted.

I want to ask here before deleting and re-registering my watch face. I do not want to lose good reviews and download numbers.

Thank you.

Hi. Maybe try creating an empty release (no aabs - it will show that no devices will be supported). Then immediately create a new release and upload correct version.


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Create a new release and select an existing, older version from the library. Once published, create a new release with a slightly larger number.