Multiple watch faces with one app - Bundle App

Hi, I’ve uploaded a few watch faces I’ve made with WFS on the Play Store. I want to create something like a bundle app so that a user can get all the watch faces I’ve made with one installation. Is this technically possible?


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Hi. I don’t think this is possible. You need to bundle them within same project made in Android Studio or other IDE. It’s not possible to include .aab / .apk in .aab / .apk afaik.


I don’t know if get what u want correctly, but

You have 2 options:
1 - You create a companion app for each watch face (with the watch face id), and upload each app. The idea is that the app would work as shortcut to the watch face on the watch, and for it to show on google play.
2 - You create an app that is a catalog, where you upload a shortcut for each watch face. The warch face wont show on phone google play, but user can access it using your app. Not very common, because users usually dont download this kinds of app unless u give them cupons…