Need this small Settings

Pls do this settings or changes in my samsung m51

  1. In Samsung Internet Browser Address bar and tab bar wants always available while i am on any part of the web page…it is sometimes very irritating to reach to address bar or Tab bar so please add this setting options

  2. I need “Single tap to Swipe” option settings separate from the assistant menu settings Because i don’t want to use assistant menu because it is irritat sometimes when you Accidentally touch on assistant menu although you don’t want to use it …and without turn on whole assistant settings i can not only turn on “single tap to swipe” option

  3. In samsung internet browser while long pressing texts i need “Find” and “web Search” options pop ups instantly on screen…Right now what happens that i have to tap on Three dots and then i get that options so need this settings also because i frequently uses that options

  4. In samsung internet browser i wants Force Copy option or Extensions on copy protected web pages

Hello @meakashpatel ,

Hope you are doing well! Thank you for your feedback.
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