New Theme Submission Date

Hello All,

Would someone please confirm that the Nov 2022 submission window has been postponed to mid 2023? I am bummed as I worked really hard to produce a stellar theme and now I get to stare at it. I know there is a minimum three theme submission.

I’d appreciate any thoughts tips and advice in general from the community.


Not quite right… All we know is that Theme Seller recruitment has ended.

Around June 2023 there should be some announcement regarding Theme Seller operation policy.

Samsung Developer Relations

Ok. Thanks. So the recruitment window for Nov 11th disappeared but the June 2023 redesign is not an indication of the next opening.

I have more clarity now and hope there is another window this year for submissions.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I don’t believe in false hopes.
If any recruitment happens again it will not happen until a new Theme Seller Policy is implemented.

Samsung Developer Relations

Understood. I appreciate the input.