Privilege Health SDK App: having 3 sensors active simultaneously


I am developing an App for the samsung galaxy watch 4 using the privileged health sdk.
My question is: is it possible to measure simultaneously the data from 3 different sensors:

  • On-demand: SPO2 (a counter to measure every 90 seconds)
  • Batching tracker: measure acceleration and heart rate continuously.

In that case, how can I find out which type of sensor (SPO2, HR, Acceleration) triggered the onDataReceived() method?

Thank you!

I would suggest you open a developer Support request on this. I think they are responding health partners via that process now.

If you don’t get any response in a week (This is major Korean Holiday until Monday) come back here and I’ll see if I can get some action.

In the meantime I’ll move this to the Samsung Health Forum so it may get more eyeballs.

Samsung Developer Relations