Problems with AVPlayer in the Tizen Emulator

I’m doing my first attempts at developing Tizen applications. Therfore I have created a simple example for streaming with the AVPlayer. But I have a problem there. As described in the tutorials, I created the player object like this:

function createAVPlayer() {
var objElem = document.createElement(‘object’);
objElem.type = ‘application/avplayer’; = ‘0px’; = ‘0px’; = ‘1920px’; = ‘1080px’;

Then I initialize the player as follows:

var init = function () {

In the console view, everything looks ok:

adding listener
Entered AVPlayManager.prepareAsync()
Buffering start.
Buffering progress data : 2
Buffering progress data : 3
Buffering progress data : 4
Buffering progress data : 98
Buffering complete.
The media has finished preparing
Current playtime: 17
Current playtime: 518
Current playtime: 1021
Current playtime: 16569
Current playtime: 16880
Stream Completed

But unfortunately the screen remains black in the emulator.
Could it be that I still have to put the AVPlayer object reference to the AVPlay API?
I am attaching my example project, maybe one of you can help (78.8 KB)

Many greetings

Have You solved your problem ?