Question about Developing apps with Samsung features


Hello, this might sound like a non-sence question, but I’ve recently started to wonder how to develop for Samsung devices, for example Samsung Daily, Dex and Bixby Support.


I have found the developer guide for the capsules, but reading the documentation I cound’t find out how to make it native to my app


  • Is there documentation for their implementation of those features on and Android app?

Just to be sure you are using the Samsung SDKs in Android Studio and running on a Samsung Device. You can’t use the Samsung items on Non-Samsung Devices.

If you just go to the Build tab here in the Samsung Developer Portal. Some stuff requires you to be a Samsung Partner to access tools, some things allow you to develop but must be a partner to distribute and some is just open SDKs.

I don’t think you can do DeX for all Samsung devices. I believe all of the developer stuff for DeX is on Github.

Samsung Developer Program

Hi, I have not installed anything so far, I’m researching what i can and can’t implement to the app, for the moment when I start coding.

Thanks, in the build section I now see the Dex, but still couldn’t find how to implement a bixby capsule or a Samsnung Daily card.

Maybe I’m still not looking correctly, but cant seem to find those 2

Bixby is on the Bixby Developers Site It looks like it has a lot of guides there.

Samsung Daily you have to be a partner and that requires a Samsung employee contact.

Samsung Developer Program