Register app error

Hello, I developed an android app that act like a host for a smartwatch app. (Tizen / SAP). Now I am trying to register my android app on galaxy store. I open the sellers portal, click on new app, select android, type the informations and when i get to select the binary file I get the following error message:

The binary is invalid. You can register a Galaxy Watch binary after selecting the Galaxy Watch platform.

The binary file is a .apk

What am I doing wrong? Are there any documents that explains for real the process of registering an app? Can anyone explain to me the process of registering the host/companion apps? Please.

Thank you!

Hello dect,
I faced similar kind of issue last time, I am still searching for some proper solution Same issue still no fix to this.

While trying to deploy an app from Visual Studio, I’m getting an error. I have already set developer mode and also deleted the app package from the packages folder, but it still won’t work

Here’s the error message:

Error : DEP0700 : Registration of the app failed. Deployment Register operation with target volume C: on Package App_1.0.0.2_x64__m0fsgersa29a0 from: (AppxManifest.xml) failed with error 0x80070002.
Someone help Us.
Thank you.

In my case the app is already developed. I’m facing this issue while trying to register it on the store…

see if any of this documentation helps
From: Configuring Galaxy Watch Application | Samsung Developers

  1. Galaxy Watch FAQ, Q07:
    Ex) samsungapps://ProductDetail/com.example.myapp
  2. Play Store Guide :
    Ex) market://details?id=com.example.myapp

I’d recommend reading the guide for the correct platform (Web/Native/.NET):

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi, I read the documents, didn’t help much… but thanks!

Are you using Samsung API? If not you need to upload the companion app to the playstore.

I have some old notes I took a few years ago. They may make more sense to you.
GALAXY Specials Information: It shows whether a Samsung SDK was used or not. Developer-type Sellers can only register applications using one or more Samsung SDKs. Information for each field will be extracted from the binary and displayed accordingly. For details, refer to [5. Attachment > 1) Binary Extraction Information > ? Galaxy Specials Information].

Precautions to take when registering a Gear App

  • The Gear app type is classified based on the criteria of app types automatically extracted from binaries.
  • After registering apps, you can change their app type between Standalone and Companion (Wearable) binaries (First, delete all registered binaries and then register binaries that have different app types).
    However, all registered binaries must have the same the Gear app type.
    · Gear App Type e.g. After registering a Standalone binary, you cannot register additional Linked (Wearable) binaries.
  • For Companion (Wearable) type Gear apps, Host applications and Gear applications can be installed at the same time if Host applications are also registered in Seller Office.
  • If you select Integrated or Linked (Follower), you can only update applications that are already for sale.
  • Changing the Gear App Type or Price of a Gear application will change the Device Recommendation Information.