Samsung Galaxy A10/A20 Face Recognition Biometrics Crashing

Hi. We are developers from an Android application.

Since some days ago, we are having many users complaints about phone rebooting at the moment Biometric dialog is displayed for our app, for those that have Face Recognition feature enabled.

All complaints come from users with this phone ->
Samsung Galaxy A10 with recent Android 10 update

(EDIT) We are having now complaints with A20 Model about same issue

We have tried with different applications from the store and in all cases result is the same, phone rebooting. For example -> This one

Attaching Crash logs -> biometrics_crash.txt (32.7 KB)

Is there any known issue with this? Thanks!

Welcome to this community.
Please report your issue through Developer Support channel.

Thank you.

Whats the latest on this ? Is there a bug logged or acknowledged, can you pls link me to it.

This bug has been fixed and the fix will be released with firmware update. We don’t have the definite schedule of this release. We expect it will be released within next 1 ~ 2 months.

Thank you.

How would I find out when this firmware update would be available on the Samsung A10e from Tracfone? I asked Tracfone, and they say Samsung manages these updated.