Samsung Health Export Files Field Descriptions

Hi. I need to create a report of my workouts for my health Insurance. I have successfully exported my data, but I can’t understand the format of each field.

Here are the ones I really need.

I just need to know what the data in each field means. For example I have tried every field format setting for time and date but I can’t seem to find it. has the value of: 1505305500000

So how can I extrapolate the actual time or date?

Thanks for anyone’s help!

Hi, has someone replied to your date request. If not I have figured that out using basic Excel.

I’m not sure where my first port went. But has someone replied to your date issue. I have figured it out using basic Excel. I use this formula in a cell. B10445 is the cell with the S Health date serial number.


Hi, iam also try to use the Backup data to see my exercise data.
Can you a litle bit explain how to get this date ?
I could not found the S Health serial number. And the DATEVALUE is the cell with the date?

It would be very nice when you can give an small sample.