Samsung Smarphones Bluetooth LE Peripheral Device Maximum


I’m in the planning phase for an app to connect to multiple BLE-Devices at once. Right now we are planning to work with the Samsung Galaxy A32. I can’t find specifications of the max. sumbers of bluetooth-devices I can connect to at once.

For old android-devices it seems to be 7…

Does someboddy know the answer?

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Hello there. There doesn’t seem to be any public information regarding this. Usually, the maximum possible number of connections to BLE devices depends on the BlueTooth chip which varies by device (i.e. it is not limited by software but the capability of the hardware itself). So the best way to find this information would be to just test it out. The mediatek chipsets used in these devices can usually connect upto 3-4 BLE devices simultaniously afaik.

Alternatively, you can contact the Samsung Developer Support channel and see if they have any information regarding this.

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