SAP Filetransfer size limits?


i have implemented SAP File Transfer between Android and Tizen (Tizen is sending the file). For small files everything is working, but if the file exceeds 8-10MB in size, i get an ERROR_IO after 99% progress:

2021-06-15 11:03:35.272 31210-31398/ D/SAPFileReceiver: onProgressChanged : 93 for transaction : 43
2021-06-15 11:03:35.504 31210-31398/ D/SAPFileReceiver: onProgressChanged : 95 for transaction : 43
2021-06-15 11:03:35.762 31210-31398/ D/SAPFileReceiver: onProgressChanged : 97 for transaction : 43
2021-06-15 11:03:35.867 31210-31398/ D/SAPFileReceiver: onProgressChanged : 99 for transaction : 43
2021-06-15 11:03:36.111 31210-31398/ E/[SA_SDK]SAFileTransferCallbackReceiver: FT Error
2021-06-15 11:03:36.130 31210-31398/ V/[SA_SDK]SAFileTransfer: temp file deleted successfully - /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/
2021-06-15 11:03:36.130 31210-31398/ I/[SA_SDK]SAFileTransfer: onTransferCompleted() → ERROR_FILE_IO
2021-06-15 11:03:36.131 31210-31398/ D/SAPFileReceiver: onTransferCompleted: tr id : 43 file name : null error : 2
2021-06-15 11:03:36.131 31210-31398/ E/SAPFileReceiver: onTransferCompleted: filename is null

Is the filesize somehow restricted ?? Any ideas ?


As far as I know, there is no that type of size limit of transferring file. Did not find anything from the public documentation also. You can report it to Samsung developer support with the full dumpstate log. It needs to be checked why you are facing the issues.

There is no file size limit. I sent hundreds of megabytes with success. What SAP lib version do you use? Make sure you prepared your app for Android 10+ according to guide in SASP docs. It looks like a transferred file is not closed correctly at the end.

Helloo, thx for the replies… So there is no limit on file size… Then i have to check deeper… The SDK-version should be OK, we use 30 as target SDK… SAP-lib is v2.6.4.

Already contacted Samsung Dev Support, have to go through all the steps, perhaps i know more afterwards.