SDK Sample projects using Xamarin

I’m trying to get step count from Samsung Health (on Android app), using Xamarin Forms.

I’m using SamsungHealthForXamarin and working through the “SimpleHealth” sample project from the Samsung Health SDK.

I’m struggling with creating a HealthDataStore that requires an HealthDataStore.IConnectionListener. Because, we can’t create an HealthDataStore.IConnectionListener without a HealthDataStore.

C# doesn’t have anonymous inline classes like Java, so it appears you have to build out an IConnectionListener interface.

Does anyone have any experience getting step data from Samsung Health using Xamarin Forms (C#) ?
I’d love to see a super simple sample working in C#.

You can check this link.

I tried that as well, it’s pretty much the same thing as SamsungHealthForXamarin.
However, I haven’t seen a single code example or anything working with either one.