Serving static files instead of accessing them using file://

Hey, I’m trying to create a web application for Samsung Smart TVs that is built using sveltekit. Currently you cannot open the outputted index.html directly from disk (as explained here) and you’ll have to serve the files using nginx or something similar. So a couple of questions regarding this:

  1. I’m assuming and it seems that tizen app opens the index.html file locally, is that corrent? If so, then
  2. Is there something similar to electron serve for electron that would serve the static files for the web app or does anyone have a suggestion for a workaround?
  3. Additionally, can I somehow access the web inspector when running on my physical tv?

If anyone is interested, here’s the index.html I’m trying to get to work:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" style="background-color: black">
		<link rel="modulepreload" href="/_app/immutable/entry/start.92915eeb.js">
		<link rel="modulepreload" href="/_app/immutable/chunks/scheduler.c42962cb.js">
		<link rel="modulepreload" href="/_app/immutable/chunks/singletons.97c566af.js">
		<link rel="modulepreload" href="/_app/immutable/chunks/index.b2a9b772.js">
		<link rel="modulepreload" href="/_app/immutable/entry/app.97851da7.js">
		<link rel="modulepreload" href="/_app/immutable/chunks/index.d60891dc.js">
		class="bg-stone-950 min-h-screen text-white touch-manipulation"
		<div style="display: contents">
					__sveltekit_1vzitv = {
						base: "",
						env: {}

					const element = document.currentScript.parentElement;

					]).then(([kit, app]) => {
						kit.start(app, element);

And that produces the following errors:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Edit: Another question: is there a way to display a website hosted outside of the tv? I tried using iframe with poor success.