Single quote "'" at the start in digital time format

I want to display “'21/3/3”, what is the ICU format to do that?
If I write 'yy/M/d, 'yy/M/d comes out as string
If I write "yy/M/d, "21/3/3 comes out, not a single quote
If I write "'yy/M/d, "yy/M/d comes out

I have no idea what is the ICU format to display '21/3/d as 'year/month/date

If you open the ICU Format and click on More and then scroll down that to the very end you will see

that a single quote is the escape for text
and two single quotes produce one single quote.

If you click on the Question mark next to the format you can open the ICU formatting standard. But it pretty much just states what is listed in the More for GWS.

Samsung Developer Team

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Thank you Ron,
I did not try 2 single quotes. Worked as I wanted.
It solved my problem, Thanks