Splash screen - Smart TV - issue


I’m developing a smartTV app with Tizen sdk 3.6

Following : https://developer.tizen.org/development/tizen-studio/web-tools/configuring-your-app/configuration-editor

I have a issue displaying a splash screen using the config.xml :

<tizen:launch_screen ready_when=“complete”>
<tizen:ls_default background_image=“splashBackground.png” background_color="#AF1F24" image=“largeIcon.png” image_border=“0px”/>
<tizen:ls_landscape background_image=“splashBackground.png” background_color="#AF1F24" image=“largeIcon.png” image_border=“0px”/>

It’s seem that the ready_when property is not working properly.

  • using : ready_when=“first-paint”

Testing the app in the emulato and real device, i have only the splash screen displayed.

  • using : ready_when=“complete”

When testing the app in the emulator, i can see the splash screen momentarily, but after i have a white screen for like 3 second and then the app is displaying.

Testing the app in a real device, i have only the white screen and then the app.

  • using : ready_when=“custom”

Testing the app in the emulator and real device, the splash screen does not disappear.

I can’t understand and find a way to use this property, and show a splash screen.

It seems that this property is called too early, and therefore not updated.

Have you ever had similar cases.

Thx for your help,

Rinaldo Stevenazzi

Hello, nobody can tell me the best practice about splash screen, and config.xml.
thx anyway


You can google your requirement or check on github.com

… this is exactly the answer I’ve been waiting for ! Very usefull “rev1584566390”
can you really imagine that I haven’t looked before?
I’m just pointing out that the property ready_when is not working as it should be !

Did you really read my precedentes messages ? Jason !
Even if we are confined, it is interesting to post useful messages.
Thx anyway !