The binary cannot be registered. Free account


I have designed a watch face for personal use but I keep having this message when I try to upload it so I can use it in my watch:
The binary cannot be registered. You do not have permission to register an application to the Watch faces category. Apply here.

Is there any other way to upload WFs without having to do it as a seller? I am not interested in selling but creating a nice face watch I like for myself

I have tried several times: Run on Device but nothing happens … that option does not work

There is no need to apply to be a Watch Face Seller Partner

If you have Galaxy Watch4 I can help you with that.

If you have Galaxy Watch3 or older See FAQ 23 HERE

Stop after Step 5 Do not attempt the “other options”, respond back here.
There are better options than they list in the FAQ.

Since you created a Developer Certificate you are 90% there.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have a Samsung Galaxy watch 4.

May I know how should I do it then? I have tried using the Run on Device as explained in many guides but it does not send it to my watch.
Thank you

If you have Samsung Galaxy Watch4 you need to use Watch Face Studio not Galaxy Watch Studio
WFS is for Wear OS Powered by Samsung and that is the OS for Galaxy Watch4 smart watches.

If you are using WFS the instructions in the tutorial say to debug over Bluetooth I don’t know of anyone that was successful doing that. You need to debug over WiFi

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you for the info.

I have downloaded the other programme and all works now.

Thank you a lot!