Theme approval process question

I have seen some excellent looking themes here getting rejected and it leaves me very confused. Because while themes that may have some minor detail similarities to others get rejected . Theme sellers who are using Blizzard Entertainment graphics without Blizzards consent are getting approved. Polycube inc. Being the biggest offender of taking graphics from Blizzard Entertainment and using them to make a profit without their consent. (See photo attachment. ) and there is the seller who is using icons created by other android theme designers from around the world again without consent from the original developers of icon themes. If you were told that the consent is legit ,you are being lied to. Considering you cannot get ahold of Maystarwerks or Saint Berlin (theme devs) since Google did that huge purge years ago. I have attached a screen cap of the offender also. The messed up part is these two designers couldn’t even give the common courtesy to credit the original artists and companies in the description of the themes using such graphics. Yet they keep getting approved while people actually trying the honest way get their themes rejected because of minor details?