Themes Errors

Hi! What can we do with this ,Search" rejection?
I got more than 10 themes rejected because of this search bar which is looks good in Theme Studio but the themes are constantly rejected.

I need help please!!!

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RE: I just saw that there is a new version of Theme Studio, hope this error is fixed.

It’s the color from Lock Screen / General / Date text color.

I think is not that cuz mine it’s white… and they shown that is a dark color on the tested device.

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Well, number 1, it’s a Fold so next to impossible to get a pass LOL

For some reason, your search bar background is transparent in the theme?

Check Common > Search > Search Bar Background Color to make sure the opacity is set to 100%.

Then your Input Text Color and Input Primary Color should contrast with the background.

Also - the Main Text Color must contrast with the Input Primary Color otherwise you will probably get a rejection.

With the latest editor and on other phones than Fold, it is the date text color from the lock screen. But as @Redacted said, it’s Fold so it can be anything.

The text highlighted in the rejection images has nothing to do with the lock screen text.

This is the search function and all colors are defined in the SEARCH tab in the GTS tool.