Tizen audiocontrol.recorder output path and resolve issue

I have a Web app (javascript) running on Tizen OS watches (Samsung Watch)
I use audiocontrol.recorder to record a sound file from watch’s microphone.
It writes the amr file to folder “/home/owner/media/Sounds” by default
so the file is at “/home/owner/media/Sounds/test.amr”

After writing the file I need to access it because I will send it to a service.

So I was able to access with following code:

                    function onMusicResolved(file) {
                    	var uri = file.toURI();
                    function onMusicResolveError(error) {
                        console.error('audio resolve error', error.name);

This was working on Tizen 2.3
Yes, I know the file in the resolve function is missing the “Sounds” folder , but it was working.
But on Tizen 4.0 it does not work.
I receive a “InvalidValuesError” from “tizen.filesystem.resolve” method.

How should I change my code to adapt to Tizen 4.0 required format ?

My function “ftSend” is expecting the file in URI format.
Because it then sends it to companion app with SAAgent’s gAgent.getSAFileTransfer() , sendFile() function.

I’d appreciate any help or ideas on this issue.

Hello, I think you might get better assistance if you submit a support request here