Tizen Native Service Application Not Responding

I’m working on a Hybrid Application (Web UI + 2 Native Services) for Samsung Wearable OS 4.0, I’ve set my service applications to continuously get the data in the background as well. I’m using these services for the data collection, One for the Location and other for Heart Rate, Gyroscope and Accelerometer. Both Services get the data and send the JSON format to the Server API using CURL method. The problem is that the Heart Rate Service stops working if the WiFi Signals/Network is not available for some time.

  • I’ve included sensors and background-network as the application back-ground category.

  • I’ve checked that there’s no crash-info generated in the application directory on device.

  • When I connect the device to my machine, the log file shows that everything was running smoothly and the Service never woke up after the sleep. (I’m using Sleep method to make delays in data collection)

I have seen some similar problems posted on SO and other forums but unfortunately nothing helped me in this case.

The weird part is that other Service (being used for Location data collection) is running smoothly despite of the fact that both the Services use same methods for parsing the JSON and then posting it to the Server.

Probably one of services hangs or block after some time. Check logs. Why you use 2 services instead one? All you need you can put into one service. It is better for tests and save system resources.