Tizen TV Development Problems

Hi, I am a C++ developer and currently working with C# colleagues on developing applications for Tizen TV. By reading the developer documentation on the Tizen website, I learned that Tizen has three ways of developing applications:.Net, Web, and Native

We create a Native mobile project, and implement a simple add function, then create a dynamic library, C # use this library, but the running result is a little strange

When using the Debug library, app can run on the simulator and real TV

When using the Release version, app can run normally on the simulator and install on the real TV, but the real TV app exits when the add function is called, should the app crashes.

Now I have a few questions:

  1. Is that the right way to create dynamic libraries for using by.Net (C#) application of Tizen TV? Now we have a C/C++ underlying library, we want to compile it and make it available as a library for C#
  2. Why the Debug library is available and Release library is unavailable, or there are some restrictions?
  3. Is there only ARM and x86 architecture for compiling Native dynamic library? The compiled version seems to be 32-bit version, can we compile and use 64-bit library? If 64-bit support is available, how to set up when compiling on Tizen Studio

Smart TV are WebApps but you can do this with .net see this page for information. I think many smart TV developers use Xamarin.Forms You might get some help in their forums.

Unfortunately my limited knowledge of Smart TV development is mainly regarding the Tizen Studio tools.

I hope this helps you.

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