Unable to test the generic card using the Add to Wallet test tool

I am trying to integrate the Samsung Wallet feature into my Android app. I registered my account through the Samsung Partner Portal, created an account, and uploaded the certificates. After that, I created wallet cards of the types Generic Card and Boarding Pass and launched the cards. The card statuses are “verifying.” I can successfully test the boarding pass creation through the Add to Wallet test tool. However, when I create and test generic cards using the Add to Wallet test tool, it shows an error message stating, “This card is not supported in your country or region.”

The test JSON data is as follows:

    "card": {
        "type": "generic",
        "subType": "others",
        "data": [
                "createdAt": 1709712961000,
                "updatedAt": 1709712961000,
                "language": "ko",
                "refId": "e4674d9b-ab2a-432d-86c0-a3fc255a7d50",
                "attributes": {
                    "type": "generic",
                    "subType": "others",
                    "title": "LCard",
                    "subtitle": "ILCard Generic Card",
                    "providerName": "OrangeTreeApps",
                    "startDate": 1717974138723,
                    "startDate.utcOffset": "UTC+9",
                    "endDate": 1718274138723,
                    "endDate.utcOffset": "UTC+9",
                    "text1": "NewAgeSys",
                    "text2": "Noushad",
                    "text3": "N",
                    "text4": "Android Developer",
                    "text5": "123456789",
                    "text6": "031)000-1235",
                    "text7": "7907241942",
                    "text8": "www.lcardapp.com",
                    "text9": "Test Address",
                    "mainImg": "https://us-cdn-gpp.mcsvc.samsung.com/mcp25/resource/2024/6/6/20d14d67-1d52-42bc-a9f9-815b158a7831.png",  
                    "noticeDesc": {
                        "count": 1,
                        "info": [
                                "title": "Notice Title",
                                "content": [
                                    "Notice for Wallet Card"
                    "appLinkData": "https://www.lcardApp.com/",
                    "appLinkLogo": "https://us-cdn-gpp.mcsvc.samsung.com/mcp25/resource/2024/6/6/20d14d67-1d52-42bc-a9f9-815b158a7831.png",
                    "appLinkName": "LCard Pro"

I am unable to find any solution for this. How can I fix this issue?

Hello noushad,

Welcome to the Samsung Developers Forum.

Availability of different Samsung Wallet card types can vary between regions.
Please create a support ticket in the Developer Technical Support portal with your partnership and region information so that we can take a better look at the issue and escalate it for further checking.

Best Regards,
Samsung Developer Relations