Watchface Studio 1.3.12 Frozen When Date is 1 Jan 23 Cannot Open

Same with me, Thanks for the temporary solution but the solution is already given so this thread should close.

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Yeah . But others who have linked to this topic need to get their notifications .

The Solution was NOT already given .

I was the first one to notice this issue
and created this thread. days before solution
was given.

Check the dates of solution given post
you have quoted and my 1st post of this thread.

But i dont mind and have no objections.
since new WFS has been released.
Moderators can decide for themselves
to close it or not.


The Trouble is @Osman every time someone encountered the problem they started a new Topic . I have noticed the same think on other forums . People are reluctant to do a little search . I appreciate what you did with a good descriptive title . People often tag in at the tail of a topic with out reading some of what preceded . I notice the solution that was offered originally was a tiny link at the Top of the Topic . Not at the bottom where I would have expected it .

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