Wearable Bluetooth LE write characteristic fail on Tizen 5.5

I wrote a web app for Samsung Wearable to connect to Bluetooth LE for reading data and also sending command to the device. it works fine on OS 2.3 but when I purchased a new watch which run OS 5.5 it’s no longer working.

I have read the document Samsung provided but there is no detail about the error I saw on my App.


Detail of the error:

Error while getting value : Unknown Error
“code”: -1,
“name”: “UnknownError”,
“message”: “Error while getting value : Unknown Error”

Here is the document which describe in detail of the issue: Tizen issue - Google Docs


Hello, You may check the issue on the latest software version. If the issue still persists, I think you might get better assistance if you submit a support request here


The issue still on the latest software version, I will submit a request to Samsung Support.