Weather complication - weather humidity in circular progress bar

Hello the community,

Quick question: Is it possible to create a circular progress bar for the weather humidity?

I already display it in text, it’s ok but it is impossible to display it in a complication

I create the complication with the options of GWS :
watch hand> rotation properties> sinc with weather humidity> City Current city
It does not work …

If you have the solution, I’m interested!

Thank you !

No, there is no images for weather humidity like there is for Weather Type. And you can’t use tags and weather together.

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Thank you, I’m really surprised because I wonder why the option is available in GWS, why on the watch hands, in the rotation properties, there is the option to synchronize with> condition> weather humdity (or current temperature ) … What is this option for?

I had forgot all about that since weather so limits everything else.

I did a simple example and it seems to be set to the current humidity level initially but the runtime window does not work. I did not try it on a watch did you try it on that.

I can do a test on my home computer later and see if it works on a real device.

Sorry about any confusion I caused.

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I installed this with my SG-84. See the screenshot. The display does not move in the GWS but on the watch it works.

:astonished: :star_struck:

I’ve failed for days, no tutorial, no example and no one in the forums seems to ask this question!

Personally the needle the weather humidity does not work on GWS nor on my galaxy watch … T_T

If you could take the time to explain to me how you did it, I would be eternally grateful to you, did you do anything other than the settings you see in your screenshot? I reproduced it, it didn’t work, you coded the complication in XML? Do you have an example please?

In any case, I want your help whatever it is;)

Attached is an image explaining my project as well as an image of GWS.

The weather humidity complication doesn’t work for me, I think we need to create an XML complication … I can’t find the right way to do the XML code for this
complication as for the battery% complication

Thank you very much for taking the time to enlighten me!



Thanks !!

I have inserted a watch hand and set at the rotation properties Weather humidity. I have set the starting point and the end point under Rotate. I have tried a long time … I did not edit XML … all in the GWD. All settings are watching in the screenshot. I did not use tags

Thank you, thanks to you I succeeded!
I will detail the process for those who would ask the same question as me and take the opportunity to ask you to enlighten me on the points that still seem unclear to me.

  1. After the image is positioned we consider it at point 0, the watch hand in my image was positioned towards the south, I had to rotate it by 35 ° so that it indicates point 0 of my counter

  2. I didn’t use the “pivot angle” and don’t know its use yet, if anyone knows ^^

  3. Rotate: It is because I had put 1 that nothing worked for me, it was absolutely necessary to indicate 0 in this field although I still do not understand why …?

  4. I had to rotate my image by 222 ° in total so that the watch hand points to 100%
    (As I rotated my image by 35 ° at the start, my gauge therefore uses a perimeter of 187 °)

  5. The humidity is measured from 0 to 100, if I synchronize the days of the week the end value will be 7

As you said galaxy watch studio updates the text when you modify the values ​​in the administration panel but the watch hand synchronizes on the value it finds when launching the software but not in real time, that is is quite restrictive to have to do the tests on the watch but hey … It works! :wink:

Thank you, I hope you will explain the usefulness of fields 2 and 3 to me, it still escapes me and it will be clear to everyone, thank you very much for your help … finally for your help;)

I just have to finish my file for the samsung review which ends tomorrow, I hope to be accepted on the galaxy store;)

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my explanation to point 2: I guess it is something like initial angle at which the hand is inserted into the work area. That is where it is sensitive to touch even if later rotated away by the other settings
my explanation to point 3: the description next to the first field says it. It is how many times (in the first field) + how many degrees (in the second field) has the hand to rotate between start and end value. For example typical hour hand rotates exactly 2 times and 0° from 0h to 24h.

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