WebAudio on TizenTV


I'm trying to visualize audio frequency as realtime with AudioContext and Audio Analyser Node.

it seem's tizen does not support MediaStreamAudioSourceNode.

so i implement with AudioBufferSourceNode with XMLHttpRequest and AudioContext's decodeAudioData.

it works well when web based development environment.
but test on real TV device(Tizen 5.5) decodeAudioData Api took almost 25 seconds with 2.6MB AAC Audio.

after some searching found this git that chromium web codec updated.
is it related with that issue or device hardware spec?

it took really fast using AudioObject's src without use decodeAudioData.
but i want visualize audio frequency simillar as realtime.
but AudioBufferSourceNode With decodeAudioData tooks so long time and MediaStreamAudioSourceNode looks not supported.

is there any other way to capture audio stream or analyse audio frequency?

just note.

after some searching.

fetching audio with XMLHttpRequest not support stream body.
so it cannot use response body till audio fully loaded.

but audio element with src attribute using internal media stream object then it support request with partial content. this is one of the reasons why fetch & decode has low performance.

it seems can using fetch api with streams api but it support chromium 95+.
so tv env can’t use this method for many device support.

TV network environment majorly using wifi network and it depends on user’s environment and tv device spec has some limit too.

I think it’s better to give up visualizing audio frequency with manually fetching & decode audio data for performance. then using audio element with src attribute for tv.

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please reply to this article if you had some good idea for this issue.

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