WebSocket not sending data

I’m trying to send data from the GlaxyWatch Emulator to a nodejs sever as shown in the tizen documentation l , I have Nodejs server ruining and previlage is granted by I’m not reacving anything in the server side although in the Tizen console I’m able to see that the connection is open and stat is 1 .
I’ve tested the same example client on a standalone html page and it works , data is being sent to the server .

You have to allow to cross origin requests (CORS). Put your domain into config.xml like
access origin=“http://my_odmain” or just access origin="*"
More read here https://developer.samsung.com/forum/board/thread/view.do?boardName=SDK&messageId=320787&listLines=40&startId=zzzzz~&searchType=ALL&searchText=tizen

Secondly, make sure you have added permission internet <tizen:privilege name=“http://tizen.org/privilege/internet”/>

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