A51 Sensor Controls

I don’t know, but recently I’ve noted that this galaxy camera can’t be manually sensor adjusted ISO and Exposure time. Well, in the camera built-in software, this is possible but not in API calls. Today, I call this methods to adjust manually the ISO and Exposure time regular Android Camera2 interface, say SENSOR_SENSITIVITY for ISO.
and [ SENSOR_EXPOSURE_TIME] (https://developer.android.com/reference/android/hardware/camera2/CaptureRequest#SENSOR_EXPOSURE_TIME) for Exposure.
But in this device (A51) does’t work. The image captured it’s very poor of brightness and very dark even with the values in maximum. I’ve missed something or it’s a bug on the firmware? In a S9 device works fine.

Would you please share the software version of the device and more details of the issue?

Thank you,

OK. Below, the entire print-screen of the sofwtare page on the device.

I’m trying to manually control the “Exposure Time” and “ISO” from the camera in my application throught the API I’ve talked above, but I don’t get much result. It’s as the API can’t access the firmware or the hardware to make the changes. In another devices, works properly

Any idea about the problem?