Changing ISO in Camera2 API apps has no effect

I have a Galaxy A50s and and I am using some camera apps which have implemented Camera2 API like Open Camera, Manual Camera, etc.

Everything works, except ISO. If we go to manual exposure and try to change the ISO, it will have no effect in thr Camera Preview as well as the final image.

The metdata contains the selected ISO but NO effect on the image. It seems as if it’s stuck on a low ISO value such as ISO50 or ISO100.

A sample image shot using ISO3200 but no effect in exposure

Please let me know if anybody have this same problem on other devices and maybe it may get solved by a future update.

Thanks. :blush:

According to the following link, you can only choose ISO (in the 100-800 range) in Galaxy A50 devices.

Yes, we can do so in the stock Camera app, and it also works. But I was talking about the external apps which use Camera2 API.

In those external apps, even choosing ISO in the range (100-800) has no effect in the exposure of captured image.