A53 & A33 bluetooth issues connecting on latest basebands

Hi there,

Our customers are experiencing an issue with reading Bluetooth signals from BLE beacons which transmit over the Eddystone and iBeacon protocols. This issue has been noticed to appear the last week of June ‘23 and it’s mostly isolated on the the following device models and baseband versions.

  • Galaxy A33 5G

    • Baseband: A336BXXU6CWF2
    • Software: One UI 5.1
    • Android version: 13
  • Galaxy A53 5G

    • Baseband: A536BXXU6CWE9
    • Software: One UI 5.1
    • Android version: 13

Tests were run in parallel with the following devices to ensure all our technical solutions and integrations are healthy.

  • Galaxy A33 5G

    • Baseband: A336BXXU4BVJG
    • Software: OneUI 5.0
    • Android Version: 13
  • Galaxy J5

    • Baseband: J530FXXS9CUE5
    • Software: OneUI 1.1
    • Android Version: 9

Our SDK library which provides BLE scanning methods for BLE beacons, and our customer’s applications that integrate our SDK work as expected with over 30k unique device models daily, a lot of which are Samsung devices, with the entire range of software versions, android versions, application versions, and our SDK versions.

Meanwhile, these devices under testing with Nordic Semiconductor’s BLE scanner application (nRF Connect) seem to be able to scan for some types of Bluetooth signals, but not all types and some can only be picked up from millimeter distances only.

Both of the basebands which we identify as problematic from hundreds of cases already, seem to have been published during June 2023.

Thank you in advance, we will appreciate it if you have any information in regard to this issue.

Samsung’s mobile developers do not follow this board to prevent any potential dispute or misunderstanding as to the similarity between Unsolicited Submissions and our internally and independently developed products, technology and services.

I would suggest you open a Support Request and provide this information there.

I apologize for not being able to report this for you but they will probably want follow-up information.

Samsung Developer Relations