Accessing samsung notes content provider from other application

I am developing an app for a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite and I would like to access the samsung notes in the device. A standard way for this is to use a content provider; does Samsung notes provide one? If yes, where is the documentation? I cannot find it.
Thanks in advance

When I tried Samsung Notes on my Note 20 it syncs with Microsoft OneNote for other devices is that what you want?

I don’t see any documentation for Samsung Note I can check around if you can explain better.

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Hi Ron,
Thanks for the reply.

What I would like to do is to develop an app that has the permissions to access that data of the Samsung Notes application. Then the app would run some tasks on my Samsung Notes files, such as backing them up with a custom backup method or simply converting automatically all the notes to pdf.

The problem is that I don’t see any documentation about how I can access the Samsung Notes data.
Do you know where I can find such documentation?



I don’t have any idea on this. You may look at github or maybe Microsoft developer support.

Samsung Developer Relations