Android 12 Deeplinks not working

I have run into an issue where verified app links do not trigger a redirect to our app on Android 12. All the previous Android versions work just fine.
The intent-filter was configured right …
Deeplinks are working on Pixel 5, Android 12.

Does anybody know if this problem is only in Samsung devices?
Are there any specific versions?

Attach device specifications and app permission.

I think you should submit a support request here

Thanks, I did but nobody answers me :frowning: . I only want to know if is a Samsung issue

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I’ve submitted a support request based on the thread over here and got a response that they are looking into the problem. I’ll add a link to this forum post to my ticket to demonstrate this issue is wide-spread.

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If it helps, our extensive testing indicates this is, so far, only a Samsung Android 12 issue.

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