Android 12 App links not working

Hey everyone,

I have ran into an issue where verified app links do not trigger a redirect to our app on Android 12. All of the previous Android versions work just fine. Changes that have been made to web intents in Android 12 are addressed in our app and we have verified our domain with assetlinks.json. All other browsers that can handle deep linking work just fine as well. Are there any known issues regarding app links with Samsung Internet on Android 12?

Can you give an example of it, like a screen recording or an app link here?

With this app link we redirect users back to our app after Auth0 login ( uri example:…)

Android 10 Samsung Internet:

Android 12 Samsung Internet:

App links tester Android Studio:

I understand the problem. Please repost the URI since the full link wasn’t pasted correctly.

Full URI:

Is the URI working for you? It is not redirecting me regardless of the browser. Maybe the auth token expired?

Yes the auth token is old, but it expires too quickly for me to be able to post a valid one here. Maybe you could download the Bankera app and test it out this way?

Did you solve this issue? I currently experience the same problem. It works on other Android 12+ devices, but on Samsung the auto verification does not work and all links open in the browser.

Also the option to manually verify is quite hidden, which is a terrible UX. Any feedback is much appreciated.

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We haven’t solved the issue yet and I hope that this thread catches some attention as I believe we are not the only ones experiencing this.